Advertising on Twitter: A Tour

By Hester Stuart | July 30th, 2014

Twitter’s self-serve Advertising is now open to anyone and everyone.  To support the changes, Twitter has upgraded Twitter Analytics, a much-improved wealth of information open to any Twitter advertiser (plus publishers and developers).

Hurray!  Why hurray?  As it provides marketers more insight into who is interacting with their brand.

Want to give it a go?  Visit: to get started.


As a quick familiarisation, across the top of the page, here are the main services outlined, we’ll go through these step by step.

Advertising on Twitter

  • ‘Campaigns’ allows you to create and view your Twitter advertising campaigns
  • ‘Creatives’  allows you to create the tweet advert, promote a tweet, promote a campaign, and you can also use this section to schedule tweets
  • Analytics outlines your reach on Twitter, detailed information on your followers, plus there’s additional tagging you can set up to measure (for example) which articles on your website are getting the most tweets, which ones are favoured, which are replied to, and so forth.


Campaigns: Twitter Advertising

This is where you can create a new advertising campaign, by selecting ‘Create new campaign’.

How to advertise on Twitter

You can select from Promoted Tweets, or to promote your account.  Then you can go onto naming your campaign, what dates you want the advertising to run, target who you want to attract (by interest, gender etc..) and set the budget.

A nifty video to watch with a great step by step guide is also available here:

 Twitter Creatives

Now you’re ready to create the actual advert, to kick off, select ‘compose tweet’.

Advertising on Twitter|A guide

Enter your advert copy. You have the option to include an image, your location and include a Twitter card.  You can then customise the delivery, which campaign to promote and timing.  Here’s our example.

Compose new tweet| Advertise on TwitterIf you’re marketing a hotel, alternate advertising suggestions can be –

Follow @me for the latest ‘whats on’ and guide to the best events in #Edinburgh
Follow @me to discover what goes on behind the scenes at PropertyName
Follow @me to lift the duvet and discover what happens in our beds. #SnuggleUp

Or, if you’re being more agile and reacting to what’s going on around the hotel (there’s a great article on this on HotelSpeak)

Follow @me. We’ll give you more than a penny off when you book one of our luxury breaks. #Budget15
Follow @me. No strikes here, just big soft beds and free Wi-Fi. Your office just got a lot comfier. #TubeStrike

Once the campaign is up and running, here’s how the analytics are displayed.

This data is from our test advertising campaign, spending about £60 with Twitter to generate new followers.


Popularity of the campaign is presented as a graph, along with the total number of impressions, Twitter engagements (e.g. retweets, replies, follows etc..).  You can drill down (by selecting the campaign) to view the numbers of new followers, cost per follower, and daily activity.


Select any of the tabs running down the left hand side of the page to view the popularity of your paid tweets, which devices (mobile / desktop) are being used to view Twitter, the country and city location, male/female split, their interests and so forth.  Remember, this is all paid traffic and interaction with your campaign.

Twitter Analytics

To get a complete overview on how your Twitter account is performing, so by both paid traffic and organic, navigate across the top of the page to ‘Analytics’.

Twitter Analytics |Occupancy Marketing

Tweet activity gives complete information on your account reach, along with performance of individual tweets.

Twitter Performance | Advertising on Twitter

Followers shows the numbers of followers over time, and breaks this information down by their Interests, location, gender, and which Twitter accounts they follow.

Growth in Twitter followers over time

Twitter Cards, Websites and Conversion Tracking

There is also the option to improve your tweet content further with the inclusion of Twitter Cards, which works by adding code to your website.  Twitter Cards make tweets richer by expanding images or showing video or even just formatting links to your website in a more visually attractive way. Using Twitter Cards also adds data for you to analyse, which allows you to pinpoint for example, which areas of your website is being tweeted about, which of your tweets are most favoured and replied to, plus conversion tracking to accurately calculate ROI on Twitter activity.

Need some help?  Then please do not hesitate to speak to us on +44(0)131 718 4510 or email us on .

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