Google Launches In-Market Audiences

By Hester Stuart | September 8th, 2014

This is a great new service that Google has just rolled out. It allows you to have your advertising in Google’s display network show to people who intend on purchasing a holiday in your destination, and for your hotel star classification. Google In Market Audiences

You can reach all those hotel-shoppers who have not heard of your brand, but fully have the intention to buy a hotel stay. So, for example, they could be searching for a 5 star hotel in Paris, a 4 star hotel in Edinburgh, and so on.

In-market audiences are identified by Google based on what websites and pages they have been visiting, along with activity across review websites and price comparison websites, and their demonstrated in-market behaviours across the Google Display Network and Youtube.  Google effectively puts together the pieces of the jigsaw to understand the website visitor intends to purchase a trip away, the destination and the hotel’s star rating.

The benefit is that your advertising will show whilst their purchasing intention is there and whilst they are actively comparing products or services.

Advertising through this audience will improve your advertising ROI, as you’re targeting people who has demonstrated that they are ready to buy. This allows you to capture their imagination with the right offer, at the right time, regardless if they are aware of your brand. Here’s a word from Google themselves on how it works:

It’s straight forward to set this up, if you’re interested please speak to your account manager, or simply give us a call on +44(0)131 718 4510.

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