New Twitter profile page dimensions for Spring 2014

By Chris Terry | March 31st, 2014

Following Twitter’s latest photo-tagging feature, and enhanced photo-posting options, the company has now released their new profile page design into the wild.

It had been intermittently appearing (and then disappearing) over the last few weeks – but the launch of these new features will hopefully mean the new design sticks this time.

Twitter has gone with a responsive layout for the profile page, which means a bit more care is needed to make sure your header image works on all screen sizes.

After a bit of tinkering, we set up our Twitter profile page as below.  You can download a .jpg or .ai version of the template we used to create this header image here.

We went with a 44 px margin around the left, right and top areas, and kept clear an area in the bottom left corner (690 x 242 px ) to allow for the various areas covered by the profile picture image (set at 250 x 250 px).  For the actual header image size, we went with 1500 x 500 px – but we got the feeling there was a bit of scope to use different dimensions.

With no official guidelines yet from Twitter though, there were some guestimates going on.

twitter profile page image dimensions 2014




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