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By Occupancy Marketing | February 17th, 2015

Nearly 100 years ago there was an economist Vilfredo Pareto who observed that 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the population. Later he found this ratio applied to other parts of life including 80% of peas were produced by 20% of the peapods.  Inspire Loyalty affordable hotel rewards program peas n podThis concept is known as the “Pareto Principle” or more commonly known as the 80/20 Rule.

In business terms, it often means that 20% of customers generate 80% of revenue, which, according to Pareto, aren’t always motivated by logic and reason but rather by sentiment. Fast forward a century and Pareto’s theory lives on, applied by a practice called customer loyalty.

Every little helps

Everyone loves reward and recognition, hence the success of Tesco Clubcard, Boots Advantage, Nectar, frequent flyer programs and so on. In the multi chain hotel world you have Marriott Rewards, Hilton HHonors, IHG Rewards and many others, but what about independent hotels?

Our partner, Inspire loyalty, has created a low cost plug & go solution operated with minimal operational task, with an ROI of 10:1, with rewards which appeal to international and UK customers.

Who needs loyalty?

Your business survives on customers. Inspire Loyalty gives you the tools to do more than just thank your customers for their business. Many customers will come and go if you don’t record who they are, how much they spend and how often they visit. When was the last time they visited and do you know when it’s their birthday? Once the information is collated, it’s time to reward and inspire with direct communications that will appeal to your customers like never before.

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Save OTA commission

OTA’s are big on volume but at the cost of your rate reduced by large chunks of commission payable. We recommend you keep the door open but great savings can be made if customers who book via OTA’s convert to booking direct, using a loyalty program as the leverage. Inspire Loyalty’s clients have experienced a 10:1 Return on Investment ratio by adopting this strategy.

How does it work?

It’s a simple process. Inspire Loyalty provide bar code scanners and branded loyalty cards (and an App) to communicate your brand and a very creative loyalty website where customers register, redeem points for your custom hotel vouchers and read all about your product.

Using the Inspire Silver program members can redeem points for your own emailable product vouchers to use on a future visit, created from your own hotel services such as the gym, restaurant, accommodation and so on.    If you’re based in the UK and looking to reward more than your own and push the boat out, then Inspire Gold program is for you, featuring gift codes from our partner Amazon.

In partnership with Occupancy Marketing, Inspire Loyalty will guide you towards the best solution for your business.

Do points mean loyalty?

We use a point system as the currency exchange. Your customers spend £, Euro or a dollar and they get one point. How much is a point worth? Well that’s up to how much you value their business.  Inspire Loyalty affordable hotel rewards program ApexGold

We recommend 5% of the customer spend is a reasonable exchange. You probably spend £5 per £100 on other mediums that aren’t so measurable and we’re certain you’ll be paying at least four times that on 3rd party commission.  By Inspiring Loyalty you can encourage your customers to book direct next time, saving you the commission and earning you the opportunity to open rewarding dialogue, since you’ll be capturing customer information. Loyalty is all about engagement.

When do I start?

It never really stopped. You’ve been serving customers for years and you’ve spent time and money perfecting that experience, improving the product quality and exceeding service levels but maybe you’ve never put the icing on the cake and that’s where Inspire Loyalty come in. You’ve got the ingredients and we have the recipe to keep your customers returning for more.

Let’s go for it

Occupancy Marketing can help get your overall strategy underway by defining with you the audience, objectives, measurement and ROI. Inspire Loyalty then implements the system at your hotel by providing the set up, staff training and reporting.

To find out more, see a website demonstration, and get an overview of costs, please contact us on

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