Google Summit May 2016 – What Does it mean for Your campaigns?

By 80 DAYS | May 26th, 2016


On Tuesday this week Google held a summit to discuss the marketing world and share some product changes coming up over the next 6 – 12 months. We’ve recapped the top changes for you and what this means to our campaigns moving forward.

Expanded Text Adverts

Google have updated adverts to allow for 50% more text, with an emphasis on mobile users in particular. During the test phase Google saw an increase in click-through rates and engagement; as a result expanded text will be rolled out to all accounts.

The main benefit of this is that it allow brands to tell a fuller story and include key information to connect with the user and allow them to make an informed decision. More emphasis on brand marketing rather than keywords which is excellent for luxury hotels.


Responsive Display Adverts

This is an excellent move from Google and will make it easier for hotels to show banner ads on relevant websites, and more importantly across all devices.

Responsive ads will take text adverts and re-use the information to create banners for each campaign.  These will then be integrated into relevant websites and automatically resized to fit the look and feel of the content the user is viewing, ensuring a much smoother experience.


All of this will help hotels connect with their audiences much more easily and save time and budget by removing the need of having to create banners in many different sizes.  This means more time focusing on strategy!

Local Search Adverts

Through the use of promoted and branded pins, we can advertise to users searching for products in your location on Google Maps. This is a great feature for the F&B side of your business and can really help engage with your local audience when they are actively seeking your service. For example we can use this to promote offers for Afternoon Tea, your new restaurant menu and much more.


Enhanced Bidding Options

Currently Desktop and Tablet are included in all campaigns meaning mobile only campaigns are not possible.  However, Google are adding bidding options for all devices which means campaigns can now (again) be focused on a particular device.  What this means is that for a lot of awareness campaigns we can focus on mobile users as the first interaction with your brand and this will drive more engagement.

To Summarise…

Some really exciting changes from Google and it highlights the fact that mobile is taking over and should be top of everyone’s priority list over the next 6 months.

Customers are now looking for quick, useful and relevant information that fits in with what they are looking for in that moment. Our role is to ensure that the user doesn’t see it as an advert, but an answer to the question they are asking.

We will keep you updated on the changes as they are rolled out but feel free to reach out to your account manager for more details.


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