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Google Summit May 2016 – What Does it mean for Your campaigns?

By 80 DAYS | May 26th, 2016

On Tuesday this week Google held a summit to discuss the marketing world and share some product changes coming up over the next 6 – 12 months. We’ve recapped the top changes for you and what this means to our campaigns moving forward. Expanded Text Adverts Google have […]

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Are your direct room sales measuring up?

By 80 DAYS | May 12th, 2016

Direct online room sales are a major part of a hotel’s revenue; so getting the perfect balance of rates, offers and packages is vital. Whilst every hotel is unique, our 2015/16 benchmarking activity shows the best performing luxury 4 and 5 star hotels have some things in common. […]

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Does Rate Parity Pay?

By 80 DAYS | May 9th, 2016

With the surge in popularity of Metasearch, rate parity is more important than ever in hotels’ ongoing battle to grow their direct bookings.  80 DAYS currently support over 300 hotels on our Metasearch programme, feeding rates and availability to Google and Trip Advisor amongst others. We thought it […]

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Niche terms – how to benefit from long-tail keywords

By Occupancy Marketing | May 23rd, 2013

Niche terms are less frequently searched for keyword phrases. They’re also known as long-tail keywords which are more specific keywords that are less common individually, but can add up to make for the majority of search-driven traffic. A term such as ‘hotel in London’ is an extremely popular […]

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