The Luxury London Hotels Benchmark – Sept 2017

By Sam Weston | October 10th, 2017

The London Luxury Hotels Benchmark

Visitors to London are spoilt for choice when it comes to hotels. The UK’s capital had 145,930 hotel rooms to sell in 2016 and an additional 7,200 rooms are expected to be added before 2017 draws to a close, well above industry average growth according to PWC’s UK hotels forecast 2017. To put this in context, this is the same new room stock as the 2017 pipelines for Edinburgh, Manchester, Aberdeen, Belfast, Birmingham, Cambridge, Liverpool, Leeds, Glasgow and Bath combined!

For the first time, London is set to top 150,000 rooms available. Coupled with challenging and changing market conditions, terrorism incidents and a small projected drop in occupancy of 0.8% (dropping to around 80%), the competition for London room bookings has never been higher.

But in terms of website performance, what should a luxury London hotelier be aiming for? What’s the typical website traffic for a luxury London hotel? What should desktop, mobile and tablet be contributing to your bottom-line revenue? What constitutes a ‘good’ conversion rate? The answers aren’t easily found through a simple Google search, or the data presented is often out of date and unreliable.

Benchmarking hotels around the world

Our hotel benchmarking service, 80 DAYS Benchmark, evaluates the very latest analytics data for hotels around the world, including some of London’s finest 4 and 5 star hotels, helping answer the questions above through a free monthly report.

Among many interesting insights, September’s benchmark data revealed the answers to 3 common questions:

What monthly website traffic does a luxury London hotel typically get?

The average traffic for 4 star hotels in London during September 2017 was 15,358 which compares to 46,196 for the 5 star market.

Average Website Traffic London

Desktop, mobile or tablet – what is driving the most revenue?

For the 4 star market we see 79.92% of the revenue from desktop, 9.36% from mobile and 10.92% from tablet during September. The 5 star market shows a similar pattern, although mobile contributes a higher percentage with the split being 76.36% desktop, 12.62% mobile and 11.02% tablet.

What’s a ‘good’ website conversion rate for luxury London hoteliers?

From September’s data we see that the websites of 4 star hotels in London are converting at an average of 1.27% while 5 star properties are achieving an average of 0.44%.

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Sam Weston

Sam Weston is Marketing Manager for 80 DAYS, a creative & digital marketing agency, specialising in the luxury travel sector.

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