Webinar – Driving Hotel Website and OTA Conversion

By 80 DAYS | November 30th, 2016

Chairman of 80 DAYS, Mark Forrester and Senior Manager at H2c, Christin Haensel, recently co-ran a webinar on the challenges in finding a good balance between direct and OTA (Online Travel Agents) bookings. For those who missed it, you can read the highlights (and download the presentation) below.

Key Webinar Insights Included;

  • The search landscape is now much more competitive with increased focus on local, paid advertising and metasearch. Hotels must cover all these bases to compete.
  • Hotels should aim to target consumers at all stages of the purchasing process; awareness, consideration, evaluation and purchase.
  • The strategy and ROI (Return on Investment) for paid search campaigns varies with product maturity;
    • Newly opened properties must focus on awareness to ensure their hotel is part of the evaluation process. Consequently, ROI takes time to build.
    • Mature properties have the luxury of focusing more on the evaluation and purchase stages, but should still maintain an awareness presence.
  • Hotels must be clear about their product offering, understand their audience and develop a targeted content and social strategy accordingly.
  • In 2015, almost one third of gross bookings were made online, an increase of more than 2% versus 2014.
  • The channel share of OTAs increased to almost 15% in 2015 with direct website bookings recording a lower share, 11%.
  • Hoteliers should use original content on OTAs to ensure your property stands out.
  • Take care to make your content timeless – try to avoid including information that regularly changes (e.g. opening times etc.)
  • Ensure that channels that pull content from extranets are kept up to date – this will help maintain a consistent cross-channel representation of your hotel.
  • Content quality is vital – schedule regular review (every 6 months at minimum) of your OTA content to ensure it’s still accurate.

Download Webinar Presentation

You can view the slides from the ‘Driving Website and OTA Conversion’ webinar here.

Hotel OTA Webinar Presentation

Struggling to Find The Balance?

It’s a common struggle in hospitality – finding an optimal balance of direct and OTA bookings. Why not get in touch to see if we can help with a channel shift strategy to increase your direct bookings and better manage your OTA relationships?


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