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Company registration

80 DAYS Digital is a trading name of Occupancy Marketing Ltd. (Company registration number: SC360835 VAT Number: 976 5253 80) with the registered address: Charlotte House, 2 South Charlotte Street, Edinburgh, Lothian, EH2 4AW.

80 DAYS Creative is a trading name of 80 DAYS. (Company registration number: SC475387 VAT Number: 186 9575 40) with the registered address: Charlotte House, 2 South Charlotte Street, Edinburgh, Lothian, EH2 4AW.

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Collection of anonymous data
All visits on our website are recorded via Google Analytics. This information is completely anonymous, and the information collected is used to measure the performance & interaction with the site, so that we may continually improve the user experience. Information about your visit is collected via a cookie – a small data file stored on your own computer. For reference, Google Analytics uses the following cookies;

Cookie Name Purpose Expires
Google Analytics These cookies are essential for our site to anonymously track user behaviour so that we can better understand and improve upon the current user experience. 2 years

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Confidentiality of disclosed personal details

Any information you submit through our website (e.g. newsletter signup, enquiry forms, job applications, etc.) is treated as confidential and shall not be shared with any third party without your prior consent; unless this is necessary to run our business, fulfil any agreements and/or contracts we have mutually entered into with you or where required by law.

User Experience

Whilst every effort shall be made to ensure we provide a quality user experience, we welcome users to note any issues in navigating or using our website by submitting a report to our support team.