Why Your Hotel Should Be Using IGTV

By Perla Gómez Di Vuolo | July 31st, 2018

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Mark Zuckerberg is the richest he has ever been after the launch of IGTV, Instagram’s brand-new video app that helped the popular platform hit 1 billion users. Here is what you need to know about the Instagram’s new “YouTube”.

Quoting Zuckerberg, IGTV is “a new app designed for watching and creating video on your phone. The experience is native to mobile, with full-screen vertical videos, and the videos can be longer, not just short clips. It’s built on Instagram, so you’re already connected with your friends and favourite Instagram stars from the start.”

Okay, but is it useful for hoteliers or just for Youtubers and Instagrammers? Let’s properly introduce the new platform first.

A video platform like no other

What’s so special about IGTV that has us all talking about it? Well, three main points that you’ll discover if you decide to join the still small community of creators:

It’s designed for mobile only

Full screen, vertical is the video format you want to look for. This means that you will have to resize your old videos to reuse them and upload them to your brand-new channel.

  • Videos are full screen and vertical
  • Video length is 15 seconds to 60 minutes (The full 60 minutes is currently only available to larger accounts or verified accounts. Everyone else has a limit of 10 minutes.)

It’s an additive experience

You only need to follow two steps to upload a video. And no more than three clicks to follow creator channels & find videos that are relevant to you. That will save us a lot of time, and eventually get us all into it.

  • Users can watch inside the Instagram app or on the IGTV app
  • Videos play automatically for users upon opening the IGTV app
  • Within the IGTV app, users have the option to browse between “For You,” “Following,” “Popular,” and “Continue Watching” tabs
  • Engagement: users can like or comment on videos, or send videos to friends in Direct

It’s meant to keep bringing people together with videos no more than 1 hour long

As opposed to Netflix, IGTV is trying to mirror YouTube to get users to create easy-to-watch content that is also easy to share across channels. The main purpose of this platform is to follow Facebook’s new change of heart, to “let people connect with their friends and family” this time by sharing our videos.

  • Creators can add “swipe up” call-to-actions on videos
  • Creators have their own channels, like YouTube (and anyone can be a creator)
  • Videos can be uploaded to the IGTV app or the web
  • Videos on IGTV can also be uploaded to Facebook Watch

How can hotels & luxury travel benefit from IGTV?

Less competition than other platforms

Although users and companies are still figuring out how IGTV works and testing different themes & approaches, some of your competitors are on IGTV already. It’s a great opportunity to gain brand exposure and reach your followers in an additional channel with your video content, but it’s also a way to ensure you are not left behind your competition.

IGTV Hotels

Get exposure to a wider audience

Get your brand and story out there clearly and reach out mobile content consumers (aka 85% of the population) When you open up IGTV, you have a few tabs to swap from:

  • For You: a collection of selected videos based on your Instagram activity.
  • Following: All the videos created by accounts you follow on Instagram.
  • Popular: Trending videos around topics you might be interested.
  • Continue Watching: all the videos you didn’t fully watched.

For You and Popular are two placement opportunities to reach a wider & relevant audience. If your content is good, the channel will eventually do the rest for you.

Experiences vs motionless products

Showcase the experience of choosing your brand over others, the reason why they should book a room with you and not with the closest competitor. It’s a great opportunity to incorporate this brand-new platform within a customer’s conversion funnel. Some examples of things you can post on IGTV:

  • New chefs? Let’s catch them red-handed in the kitchen.
  • Training videos: use the channel to start conversations with your guests and explain things they might be missing when staying at your hotel.
  • Local area & tours: another way to give your IGTV a purpose is to post content around your local area, what to see, what to do, family plans, where to go shopping, etc.

IGTV Hotels

  • Show your facilities: another good opportunity to share with the world what lies beneath your walls, from reception to the presidential suite.
  • Get more F&B awareness: if you have more than one restaurant, you can make the most of IGTV and publish content around F&B. Foodies will love it!

Your events will get a whole new level of exposure

If you’re using live videos to promote your hotel events and engage with your followers, great, but what do you do with all those long videos afterwards? Use IGTV to not only post your long videos you already have (from your IG stories and live videos) but to create new around your events: record what’s happening now, post videos about past events to re-connect with guests & engage with new customers, etc., a whole new level of exposure!

Instagram TV Hotels

It’s cost effective

You only need good-quality, and mobile-oriented videos. The rest comes for free.

Elevate your Social Strategy

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