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How Can Hotels Navigate The Coronavirus? [Updated]

By 80 DAYS | March 5th, 2020

Coronavirus Hotels

June 2020 Update Download our free report ‘Cutting Through The Noise – Adapting Marketing, Content & Brand For Hotels’ >> May 2020 Update Download our free report ‘Cutting Through The Noise – The Facts About COVID-19 & The Hotel Industry’ >> March 10th, 2020 Update Updated market conditions, […]

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Say Goodbye To Facebook Ad Set Budgets (Again)

By Kyle Dunn | February 18th, 2020

Hotels Facebook Campaign Optimisation

Facebook has announced that as of the end of February 2020, ad set budgets will be disappearing once and for all – to be replaced by Campaign Budget Optimisation. While Facebook has announced this before (back in February 2019), it looks like they mean business this time round, […]

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5 Actionable Hotel Marketing Trends For 2020

By Sam Weston | February 10th, 2020

Hotel Marketing Trends 2020

Please note, this article was written before the Coronavirus pandemic had a significant impact upon the hospitality industry. While many of these trends do still apply, we’d recommend reading our latest insight reports to better understand the present market trends. Another trends post. Another collection of buzzwords, laden […]

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Planning Your Food & Beverage Offering For 2020

By Carla John | February 6th, 2020

F&B Trends 2020

Food and beverage (F&B) represents one of the largest segments of the hospitality industry and is a vital component in driving ancillary revenue growth within your hotel. Hoteliers in 2020 are faced with the increasing challenge of diversifying their offering. Travellers are greatly influenced by a hotel’s F&B […]

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Explaining Google’s Local Search Algorithm For Hotels

By Siobhan McMorran | February 4th, 2020

Local Search Hotels

Commonly misunderstood, Google’s local search algorithm is a beast unto itself and performs very differently from its counterpart, the organic search algorithm. The local algorithm refers to everything that comes together to form the ‘three/four-pack’. These are the top results that are shown to you when you do […]

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Hidden Secrets of Metasearch: The 15%

By Gordon McFadyen | December 16th, 2019

Missing Metasearch Traffic

A recent study conducted by 80 DAYS identified that hotels can see anywhere between 5-15% of their total online revenue generated via Metasearch channels. In addition to this, we identified Metasearch as the best converting channel from a hotel’s online marketing mix at an average conversion rate of […]

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Google Promoted Hotels Ads Return

By Patrick Feeney | November 26th, 2019


Promoted Hotels Ad placements are being reintroduced by Google in Q4 2019. Promoted Hotel ads are different to hotel ads as Promoted Hotel Ads aims to increase the prominence of a hotel on destination searches. The format will be similar to the Promoted Hotel Ads we saw earlier […]

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