Metasearch Revenue Hits £1.5 Million

By 80 DAYS | July 6th, 2016


Meaningful in more than one way.

From 1872 to 2016

The year is 1872, and on Tuesday 1 October Phileas Fogg attempts to go around the world in 80 or fewer days for a wager of £20,000, as set by his fellow members of the Reform Club. His epic journey is chronicled in ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’ by Jules Verne.

The Reform Club is both the beginning and the end point of Phileas Fogg’s journey who sets off to circumnavigate the globe on the back of a bet from his fellow Reform Club members.

In 1872, £20,000 is a lot of money, equal to about £1.5 million today which is, coincidentally and very excitingly, the total amount that our Metasearch revenue here at 80 DAYS has hit in the last week.

An 80 DAYS mile stone

That’s an incredible £1.5 million in Metasearch revenue since January 2016. That’s a lot of bookings for our clients. Many of whom with a range of global locations, would have been able to help Fogg on his travels – something he would have undoubtedly welcomed.

It’s an interesting parallel and signifies an important milestone and exciting time for a critical part of our rapidly growing full service digital and creative agency which takes its inspiration from, and shares a name with, the late Victorian travel tale.

Technology of the times

Fogg’s journey would not have been possible if it was not for technological advances at the time the book was published. The First Transcontinental Railroad in America opened in 1869, the linking of the railways in India connected the sub-continents for the first time in 1870 and the Suez Canal opened in 1869.

And what about the travel industry now?

Of course, we no longer live in late Victorian times. And our Metasearch success is big news for the travel industry. Similar to the book, modern technological advancements in the search ecosystem has meant Metasearch has become an increasingly important revenue channel for hotels.

The increasing prevalence of mobile searches and the changing consumer behaviour of searchers on mobile devices, the growth of Micro Moments and the removal of Google’s ads from the right-hand side of search results pages all now pose a threat to hotel revenue. Increasing visibility of Metasearch properties has meant that hotel marketers have to ensure their presence in Metasearch. This is where 80 DAYS comes in.

To combat the ever tightening commission-grabbing grip of OTAs, 80 DAYS can display hotels’ rates alongside them, reclaiming a chunk of the market historically snatched by OTAs.

Take a look at how we do this.

Congratulations Metasearch Team

A very big well done to our Metasearch team on this big milestone.  Just like Phileas Fogg’s trusted companions in the book, they guide our clients through the dynamic world of Metasearch on the journey towards higher revenue.


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