Why Your Hotel Needs to Prioritise Video Marketing

By Sarah Watt | November 6th, 2018

Video Hotels

Today a third of the time people spend online is spent watching videos. A quarter of Instagram ads are single videos and 82% of Twitter users prefer video content to text. Add to that the 500 million people who watch videos on Facebook every day and you cannot deny the fact that now more than ever, video, across all social media channels from Facebook to Snapchat, is the content you need to prioritise and improve. This should come as no huge surprise in the TL;DR (Too long; didn’t read) age proving that we really cannot be bothered to read when we having moving images instead.

Video Optimisation Hotels

The question now is, where do you begin?

Ideally you have a resource like 80 DAYS, a leader in luxury travel marketing, whose digital team offers workshops, training sessions and social media guidelines to provide a better understanding of how every social media channel works. All of the sessions, workshop materials and best practices are tailored to each client to ensure future growth on social media – essential information considering the drastic innovations in video distribution.

Hotel Video Optimisation

If you don’t, here are the top five ways to improve your video content so that you can rise above the rest and reap better results amongst the deluge of digital content your audience is no doubt bombarded with on a daily basis.

  1. Post videos natively on Facebook, where the newsfeed algorithm heavily favours video content (think ten times higher reach than links to YouTube)
    • 80 DAYS client bonus benefit: Facebook Creator Studio to organise your content and track performance while streamlining video publishing
  2. Use subtitles and/or optimise content without sound, because odds are that someone is scrolling through his or her feed at work (be it on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat), during their commute or maybe while watching something else too, and sound is not an option
  3. Get your audience’s attention quickly – as in three seconds or less – because they don’t have time to watch everything they come across and if you can’t hook them right away, you’ve lost them
  4. Make sure your video is mobile friendly, because even if you don’t have a TV or computer, you definitely have a phone, which (odds are) never leaves your side
  5. Add your CTA (call-to-action) right in the video

Bottom line: “Video killed the radio star,” and if you don’t jump on the bandwagon, it might just decimate your social media marketing efforts too.

Sarah Watt

Sarah Watt is a Creative Content Manager at 80 DAYS

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