Ever Evolving Exclusive

How 80 DAYS And Exclusive Hotels and Venues Work Together

A longstanding client of 80 DAYS, Exclusive Hotels and Venues are an impressive, family owned, collection of 5 star hotels, country house venues, a golf club and spa facilities.

80 DAYS assists Exclusive with their online advertising (search, display and social), conversion rate optimisation, search engine optimisation and social media marketing.

It’s a genuine pleasure working with such passionate hoteliers, who are staunch believers of never standing still, ever evolving their hotels, venues, and leisure facilities while observing one simple mantra – “the guest is at the very heart of everything we do”.

For 80 DAYS, the objective set by Exclusive is, of course, quite commercial. Ultimately we are tasked with growing their direct revenue across various areas of the business. That said, we’re very mindful of their guest-centric approach and the prestigious brand they’ve created, ensuring this is carefully reflected within their digital marketing.


In Summer 2016 Exclusive were reviewing whether they had the right focus and split between digital marketing and PR activity. At that time their marketing was mainly print and PR focused, which had served them well for many years.

With a desire to move more budget towards digital marketing, our team put together an extensive proposal which included a recommended annual online advertising budget 13,000% higher than their existing budget!

Unflinching, Exclusive bought into our digital strategy, entrusting us with significant budget for a 90 day trial to be invested in online advertising across various channels and business segments. We carefully divided their spend across Google Search, Display and Facebook, creating wide-ranging campaigns promoting all areas of their business; rooms, spa, food and beverage, weddings, MICE business and gift vouchers.

Initial results were strong and Exclusive were convinced, furthering their investment in online advertising and moving budget away from more traditional PR activity that they’d focused on prior.

Fast forward to 2017 and they now have a significant online advertising budget and are investing further in their partnership with 80 DAYS to manage their profitable new initiatives!


Since the increased advertising activity started in September 2016, we have:

  • Generated 8.5 million impressions across search, display and social.
  • Driven 82,000 new users to the website (from a total of 144,000) and 1,000 new Facebook followers.
  • Delivered a direct ROI of around 5-6:1
  • Generated 13,000 on-site goals (calls, enquiries, brochure downloads, table bookings etc.) plus very significant weddings revenue (based on average conversion rates and wedding value provided by Exclusive)


At 80 DAYS we embrace a learning culture – every client, every campaign, is an opportunity to better our knowledge, both of the industry and the tools we use to achieve the strong results we obtain for our clients. Our Internet marketing team regularly meets to share knowledge and we maintain an active day-to-day dialogue through a dedicated internal Slack channel for each client.

Working with Exclusive Hotels & Resorts we’ve all had to learn very quickly. Starting from scratch with most of the campaigns meant no historic performance upon which to gauge the keywords and messaging that would work best. Close monitoring of campaign metrics, our teams hospitality experience and online advertising expertise have all been paramount in quickly establishing strong results.


80 DAYS are a Google Premier Partner, an accolade only awarded to 3% of all Google Partners. We have specialisms in Search Advertising, Display Advertising and Shopping Advertising so are perfectly placed to help with your online advertising requirements.

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