Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts

Mövenpick Hotels and Resorts operate worldwide in business and leisure markets.
68 of the group’s 80 hotels took part in these paid search campaigns. The hotels are located throughout continental Europe, the Middle East, SE Asia and North Africa.

Results Snapshot

€1 million was generated for a global seasonal campaign, from a spend of €100,000. The ROI achieved was 10:1.
Revenue projections exceed expectations by €250,000 – €300,000, and the revenue was generated ahead of schedule.

Business Scenario

Mövenpick wanted to promote a group wide seasonal offer and generate more revenue from the group website. Additionally, they wanted to protect their brand online in order to secure their proprietary business from undue third party cannibalisation.

At the outset, it was agreed that the project would run for 6 months. The goal was to earn €1M from a combination of Branded, Non-Branded and Remarketing Campaigns with a capped spend of €100,000.


Occupancy Marketing provided great advice and achieved great results. Their combination of expertise, analytics and strong client focus were invaluable in creating success in a complex, global campaign.

John Griffin Senior Vice President Brand and Marketing, Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts Management

What we did

Occupancy Marketing has carried out the following activity, to date, on behalf of Mövenpick:

Account Structure
Occupancy Marketing determined the most effective structure to efficiently handle a large number of individual hotels, located in a wide range of countries, advertising a mix of branded and non-branded terms.

Geographical Targeting
Occupancy Marketing studied the behaviour of site traffic and then made recommendations based on findings for targeting new countries with potential for Mövenpick’s variety of destinations.

Occupancy Marketing has tailored executive summary level reporting to meet the needs of Mövenpick’s Senior Management as well as maintaining more detailed information to enable the performance of individual regions, hotels and campaign types (e.g. brand, non-brand) to be monitored.


As a result of constant review and refinement of key metric performance by source market, the campaign has driven ongoing improved results through the duration.
The campaigns are still running, but as can be seen from the projections in the graph below, the target income of €1,000,000 is set to be comfortably exceeded ahead of schedule.
Current estimates suggest an income of around €1.25 to €1.3 million from an anticipated spend of around €100,000.


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