Travel & Hotel Brand Strategy

How do you feel about your brand? How do your customers feel?

Good brands grab your attention for a moment. Great brands stay with you for a lifetime. They invoke a feeling, something special.

Being so close to your brand, it can be easy to forget what makes you special. We're here to help you rediscover your special.

Mixed Feelings

Just what is a brand? Well, seeing as you asked; your brand is all about identifying how you make a customer feel. It's probably the most valuable part of your business and has the potential to drive significant, tangible, commercial value.

Now, while we can't control their feelings, we can give your customers enough information to make evaluating your brand easier and their feelings more consistent. No mixed feelings here.

We can help with any brand conundrum you might have; the creation of a completely new brand, rebranding, decoupling from a parent brand, and even the gentle, considered, refinement of a much-loved brand that may have lost its way.

Story Time

We'll help you to discover, or define, the very essence of your brand. How should your brand behave? What are the pillars supporting it? What is the glue holding everything together?

Ultimately we want to determine your brand's story.

This is the narrative that is understood by everyone working on the project and will ultimately lead to a happy ending; your customers feeling exactly how we want them to feel.

Crystal Clear

At the end of the brand development process you'll be an expert storyteller, regaling your brand's story to any and everyone. You'll have a near encyclopaedic knowledge of what makes your brand tick; the brand pillars, the brand essence, the tone of voice. Of course, with great power, comes great responsibility.

Worry not, you'll also be the proud owners of a set of comprehensive brand guidelines that will inform every aspect of your design and marketing moving forward. Simple, clear, guidelines that will quickly become your go-to-guide.

In short, you'll have absolute crystal clear clarity on where your brand sits in the marketplace.

The National Hotel Marketing Conference

We're speaking and exhibiting at The National Hotel Marketing Conference, held on May 2nd at The Hilton at St. George's Park, Burton Upon Trent.

Pop by our stand to chat with Katrina/Sam and choose Seminar C at 2:55pm to see our presentation "Strategies for High Performing Hotel Websites" with Haniah Nasser and Gavin Mountford from Iconic Luxury Hotels.

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