Travel & Hotel Website Design

Our approach to planning, designing and creating websites has been developed from our team’s in-depth experience of working within a broad range of sectors, but has been refined specifically for the travel and hospitality industry.

We know hotels. We know websites. We’ve got this.


Our journey usually starts with a familiarisation visit so we can really get to know your product, brand and you. To best represent you online, we need to understand you offline.

We’ll also spend time auditing your existing website (if you have one) to see what is and isn’t working. Then we’ll benchmark your current performance so we have a baseline to compare your new website against.

All this helps us use your website to tell the story of your brand.


Determining the structure of your site and content may not sound like the most glamourous stage of designing your new hotel website, but it’s oh so important to get it right.

We’ll map out the many and varied user journeys through your website, across multiple devices, and take time to consider all the functionality needed. This allows us to build detailed wireframe prototypes – essentially an interactive skeleton of the final website.

The end result? it should be painfully obvious to your guests how they book. But perhaps most importantly, navigating your website will be an inspirational and enjoyable experience.


Beautiful on-brand design, industry-leading performance and effortless user experiences. All of these come as standard.

But our design process is far from standard. User behaviours, typography, the optimal amount of white space, the precise placing of calls to action, colour psychology; absolutely everything is carefully considered and engineered to drive conversion.

Your website’s design and content must perfectly match the expectations of your guest. Over promise and they’ll be disappointed when they arrive. Under promise and you may miss out on a booking. We’re here to help you strike the right balance.


Here comes the science bit. Our developers will get to work on the bones behind your site; creating templates using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript that integrate seamlessly with booking engines, social platforms, chatbots and more. You name it, we’ll integrate it.

All this is built within an open-source CMS (Content Management System), either Umbraco or WordPress. Umbraco is preferred as it's a well-established, flexible and secure platform, used on over 500,000 websites worldwide.

Simply put, we’ll build an industry-leading website that works for you and, most importantly, for your guests.

5, 4, 3, 2…

Launch day approaches and excitement is building. We’ve shown you how it all works and we’re nearly ready to hand over the keys.

The content is populated, imagery pixel perfect. The site has been tested to within an inch of its life on all manner of different devices and browsers.

Final pre-launch checks completed; we are ready. But, of course, this is just the beginning. We’re always on-hand to help support your website after launch. Or discuss your online advertising strategy. Or squeeze out a few more conversions with a programme of CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation). We’re in this for life.

The National Hotel Marketing Conference

We're speaking and exhibiting at The National Hotel Marketing Conference, held on May 2nd at The Hilton at St. George's Park, Burton Upon Trent.

Pop by our stand to chat with Katrina/Sam and choose Seminar C at 2:55pm to see our presentation "Strategies for High Performing Hotel Websites" with Haniah Nasser and Gavin Mountford from Iconic Luxury Hotels.

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