Hotel Metasearch Advertising

Hotel Metasearch Advertising

Unlock a vast new distribution network with metasearch connectivity through 80 DAYS.

What is hotel metasearch?

Hotel metasearch advertising allows you to showcase your hotel worldwide by placing your website rates prominently alongside the rates offered by Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) that otherwise dominate results on TripAdvisor, Google Hotel Finder, Skyscanner, Kayak and other metasearch channels.

Hotel metasearch advertising requires a real-time room availability and pricing feed, but we take care of all of that. We build a single connection to your booking engine CRS (Central Reservations System) and use this feed to eliminate the need to re-input rates across multiple platforms.

Costs typically work out to be less than that of OTA commission and our fully managed hotel metasearch solution drives over €1 million of incremental bookings for our clients every month.

We manage the advertising, refine ad placements and report on results. Results, which speak for themselves.

  • Fully managed solution

  • Global reach & awareness

  • €1m+ of bookings each month

  • 8+ metasearch channels

Half of the traffic that feeds into metasearch is non brand. So someone searching for terms like ‘luxury hotels london’ or ‘5 star hotel london’, who hasn’t heard of your property before, may well see your hotel within metasearch channels and book a stay!

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Examples of Metasearch Channels:


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